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We all love a good underdog story (Rocky, Cool Runnings, Forrest Gump) so why not get involved in ours? Its clear who the giants of online shopping are and why they are succesful, yet we’re all aware of the impact it’s having on our very own local town centres. To make it all worse, this was all BC (before COVID), meaning that the current state of most local businesses is now far worse.

If you believe in our cause please get in touch as we would love to hear from you. You can help in whatever capacity you feel is right. We’re not simply looking for financial backing, but crucially “talent backing”. If you have the tech skills needed to help us reach the next level please send us a message using the form below.


We're looking for people with experience in running high volume sales websites. If this is you and you're interested in joining us on our mission please reach out and let us know what you can offer! As we're a brand spanking new start up we are looking for likeminded people who can join our organisation on the ground floor, lets see where this journey takes us together!


We're looking for dedicated Loco Superheroes to spread the word! Along with encouraging Edinburgh's businesses to sign up and open their stores on Loco (its free after all) we also need as many people as possible to start supporting their local community by shopping with us too. You can help by sharing our site (and mission) with friends and family - be a Loco Superhero and save your local high streets!


Financial backing from major investors or companies is important. However backing from the right investor is more important. We need an experienced and knowledgeable backer more than just simple cash. If you believe you could help take Loco Markets to the next level please do get in touch.


We want to eventually partner with green local delivery companies. Imagine the future when you can order form Loco Markets and have your parcel delivered the same day by bicycle? We see bicycle food delivery services on the road all around us, so why not also have bicycle parcel deliveries from your local shops? Think you've got the answer?

UK Shipping

All vendors provide competitive UK Shipping. Some select vendors will also offer International Shipping.

High Quality

All vendors are from your local community. They offer high quality products either produced locally or sold locally.

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Loco Markets prides itself in being at the forefront of sustainability as all orders are fulfilled by vendors within your selected local community. Your purchases are helping to stimulate local economic growth which will have a direct and positive impact on your local communities.

Secure Payments

All payments handled securely by PayPal.